itS NoThinG LiKe YoU eXpeCteD.
Saturday, January 07, 2006
You are casanova, arnt you?.....*english accent*
well its the weekend...what an awesome word
weekend = pleasure,no school, seeing scott and sleep. :)
of course it also contains h.w but oh who gives u can still sleep in late :P

umm the recap of this weekend , since tomorrow is sunday, is pretty good.
yesterday (friday) i was grounded but i still went to the movies with my parents to watch Munich, a very very good. it really effected me. well that was friday..
Today was just lovely.. :)
me saw SCOTT!!!!!!!! yay!!!!
we were supposed to double dat with JOlie and her Bf ( ira) but nooooo my parents wouldnt drive us to the huntington....ONLY BRODWAY...eh whatevs *scott hangs up on me*...lol
so me and scott go to broadway and have sex.......no im kidding..we were dying to see hostel cuz its all like " IM THE NEW SAW" so u knwo its rated R and scott is 3 and 1/2 months away from being 17 so the only thing we have to do is sneak in...well it was so ooo smooth that a baby bottom couldnt compare to how we snuck in it was pretty fucking awsome...
since it came out yesterday they id people like craazyy like when u enter the movie theatre and give in the tickets and u have tickets for hostle they check for id..its crazy...so me and scott bought tickets for cheaper by the dozen 2 and went in...now when we were heading to the hostel movie theatre we saw security guards just standing around....i was like "SHIT! they are going to id us and stop us" so we just keep on going to the cheaper by the dozen 2 theatre but scott doesnt give up!! he went to the concession stand to buy popcorn and a hot dog! and hes like " i have a great idea" he was like " ill make belive im puting my id away when we go towards the theatre so the secutiry guards would hear it" so we come near the theatre and we're holding our drinks and popcorn + hot dogs, so scott goes really loudly next to the theatre " baby can u hold my id for one second i have to put it away" and just like that we walk in the movie theatre and see hostel. which by the way sucked! i mean it was pretty nasty and gross but it had absolutely no plot and it was just kind of stupid...i donno well w.e it was only 7 when it ended and scotts dad was picking us up at 10 so scott goes " wanna go see another movie" so we go see another movie this time we saw
Casanova which was very very very good <33333

so that was my night ? how was urs?

good night.

Thursday, January 05, 2006
eh school sucks.
im dead tired.
midterms are coming.
im most likely grounded.
no food in my house.



there is something to live for after all =D
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Thank God for Scott.
I Love him so much.
he is the most amazing most caring and most loving person i know and i love him.
why!! whyy!! whyy!!
i had such an awesome day today in the city :)
we went to this chinese restaurant and we went to toys r us. and then went to see the play which by the way was REALLY REALLY GOOD :-D
i had fun with friends and i missed school! :)
i came home everything was awesome until my mom came home.
she totally blackened my day and baysically distroyed me!

i hate it at this point. and now all i can do is cry.
sexy templates...
okay so um thanks for my AWESOME boyfriend my template is like really PRETTY! <33 its 1:00 AM and i cant sleep... i guess its because im going on a field trip to the city tomorrow!!! :-D going to see DOUBT ( a play i heared a lot of good things about)
-its in the city
-my friends are going annddd!!!
-i get to miss school!!!!

um well i got nothing to say so ill head to bed and just talk to my lovely boyfriend on the phone till i fall asleep..:)

Good Night :D
Tuesday, January 03, 2006
ok why do i have to know this...
you see my moms cousin is here from Germany. Polina, shes 28, i think.
welll shes all cool and fun but shes too pretty..lol which baysically means she can get anythign she want..u know. well my mom decided to hook her up with Shachar, an israeli dude that has been our family freind for 3 years whos always single and hes like 26.
Anyways they met but like Polina doesnt speak english very well, and she only speaks German and Russian, now Shachar only speaks Hebrew and English so we were wondering on how they would communicate..well w.e i guess they found a way to...lol
Days later they meet they hook up and get all lovey dovey on eachother, my moms certain she has slept with him already but she really didnt and she said she really likes him. i heared he really likes her too ..so YAY...
well anyways my mom thinks that Polina is torturing Shacar by not giving him sex...i think thats funny. so Polina finally gives him sex and she HAS to tell me about it..i listen cuz im too ebaressed to tell her that i dont really wanna know though i do wanna know cuz sex talk is always interesting..lol so yeah she tells me not only that she slept with him but like all the details u know..like what pose how long what happened during, before and after... and um like woooo..:-/....lol so that was like ok lets not repeat this.
but noooo we talk again and she tells me again how she slept with him at night and then in the mroning they went at it again and i was liek cool but she didnt finish she had to tell me all those details again..i find it to be funny but i dont really want to know this... but whatever i feel like an adult that she feels she can share that with me...eh w.e sex is evil. and it hates me.

I love Scott :)............a lot

im done.
Lets give this a try....
I have no idea why im doing this, but i guess its because my boyfriend told me to make this and because i love him so much i did. not promising any constant updates but depands on my moods and if i feel like typing anything.
Im not like all those other people who post every day and talk about wierd phsycological things ..i dont have anything like that in my life.. though sometimes i might come across a physcological question and would want to discuss it here.
its not like im puting this out to the public so i dont even know why im doing this. the only person who would probably read this is my bf, but whatever, ill write it for him to read and for me to just waste some more time from my life.

To start off im just a typical girl. i came from an interesting background but thats about all that is interesting about me.
currently the highlight of my life is my boyfriend Scott. we spend most of our free time together thought we still think its not enough, i love him to death and i love hanging with him. We fight sometimes but hey what couple doesnt ..u know.
New Years was Saturday - going on Sunday which was Awesome! i got to spend it with Scott and my family..and have a lot of food and drinks...yeaa.....

well anyways not a lot more to say besides the fact that i love my boyfriend so much<3

uhh yea thats about it :)